The state of our health is closely tied to our sense of confidence and worth – too closely tied. Our society tends to glorify the healthy. Worse even than vilifying the sick, we render them invisible. Perhaps there is some deeply ingrained survival-of-the-fittest instinct at work here, but i think it is time we put it to rest.

It is never too late to be a better friend, a better mother, a better sibling or a better person in general. There is no use attacking yourself with guilt from past mistakes or blunders. You can always move forward. Keep this in your head and you will see it manifest before your eyes.

However long it takes you to get over them is how long you should avoid contact with them. Focus on your health and sanity and not what other people say or want.

Symptoms may include feelings of hopelessness, wanting to sleep all the time, irritability, inability to concentrate, suicide. You might even lose your job because of these.

Back to Dr Phil, I think I could give a fresh prospective. Maybe we can help people struggling with Bipolar Disorder and their families understand how to deal with our kind. I think this mental illness is hardest on the closest loved ones. My sister got bipolar disorder too! There is something in the missing in our parents mixture as we have a chemical imbalance in our brains. I think Dr Phil can bring it down to the basics. The nuts and bolts to laymens terms. Maybe i’ll get lucky, he will see this article that would cause him to do a serious show about Bipolar disorder. I’d go on television to take a free trip to Hollywood, California. Although, I would be extremely nervous. If it helps one person then it is worth it.

If you have a child who is showing signs of depression or mania as described above, please keep in mind that depression and crazy has no age limits. My fourteen year old son was diagnosed with depression and crazy at the age of eight. Many doctors want to avoid this diagnosis and instead treat children for ADHD. Please find a specialist if you feel your child may be bipolar.

This feeling is something that you definitely can and will get over. It will require some effort, some help, and some adjustments to your thinking, and most of all some time. Remember that even though you may be upset that your boyfriend dumped you, doesn’t mean that your life will stop. Remember that life goes on and you need to be prepared.

The alternative to moving on would be to remain in the miserable world you are in. If this isn’t the life you want for yourself then you will have to do whatever is necessary to pull yourself out of it. It will take some work to climb out of the dark hole, but the effort will pay off.