Speak with your doctor about any adverse medical conditions that you’ve struggled with, whether it is an actual disease or a mysterious symptom that has been bothering you for some time. Most doctors will work with you to create a personal health plan of action that will serve as a guide for you as you take all recommended steps to eliminate the symptom through a healthy lifestyle change.

Manic Episodes – One of the mood episodes that compose depression and crazy. A state that is flamboyant, active, hyper, or tense. This can cause extreme fits of laughter, uncontrollable movement, fidgeting, and even severe rage that can result in harsh language and hurt feelings to those who do not realize what is going through the mind of the person suffering from depression and crazy. There are many times that i have hurt people with my words when I was experiencing a manic episode. Please keep in mind that when bipolar sufferers are in this state they do not always mean, or even know, what they are saying.

You are left alone when you used to be an unit. You are fending for yourself in this world when you used to have an ally. It can feel like you are starting over, not just in regards to a new relationship, but regarding your life as well.

When in a good mood a person is much more friendly, easier to get along with, calm and generally good natured. Being in a good mood also helps a person to be more energetic and even more talkative. A person can be in a good mood based on their current situation – A sunny day, a birthday party, a vacation in Hawaii.

A – Well, it can be difficult. When I first started writing I didn’t have a schedule and found it difficult to do everything, but now I have a schedule that works for me; one for writing, one for my part time job, and one for family time. Some people hate schedules, but it really helps me plan my days in an effort to give everyone – and everything – equal attention.

Stalking. Maybe you think if you are around your ex enough, he or she will have to take you back. This behavior usually backfires to. Instead of bringing you closer together, your ex starts to think that you are crazy.

Shut off your Tv! Many people become depressed from sitting in front of the television for hours on end. You are watching lies over and over, and if you start comparing your life to what you are watching, you are sure to become depressed. Even too much news can lead to depression.